How do I know whether my Hybrid is sufficiently charged?

The Hybrid has a clear display which shows all the relevant information. It is also possible to link your smartphone to your system. As soon as you do so you will be able to consult all the available information about the Hybrid wherever you may be.

Why is the Hybrid so heavy?

Without batteries, the Hybrid weighs less than 50 kilos. However, because the system contains a significant number of Lead Crystal batteries, the total weight is substantially higher.

Where can I find out more about the battery technology used?

Elfa Elementenfabriek has supplied Lead Crystal batteries for many years and they have proven their worth in all kinds of applications. You can find full details at

Does the Hybrid have to be connected by an engineer?

Yes, always, when connecting it or in the event of modifications to the software.

Is the Hybrid supplied worldwide?

Elfa supplies the Hybrid in a large number of European countries. However, there is also global interest in this product, so there are Hybrid distribution centres in Australia and South Africa as well.

Can I do without a UPS system if I have a Hybrid?

Yes. After all, the Hybrid not only stores sustainably generated energy but also forms an electricity buffer in the event of a network failure.

Why should I invest in Peak Shaving?

Your network connection always has to be able to cope with major peaks. The higher the peaks, the higher the capacity costs which your energy supplier will charge. These costs can soon mount up. By using the Hybrid to reduce the maximum energy consumption from the network, you can achieve more consistent energy consumption and therefore considerably lower costs.

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