Hybrid is a multi-functional energy system which allows you to determine yourself how independent you are from the electricity grid. It allows you not only to store sustainably generated electricity from, for example, the sun and wind, but also to charge from the electricity grid or a generator. Find out how it works here.

Quite apart from storing sustainable energy, the Hybrid offers you a number of additional attractive options:

  • Peak monitoring: This means you use stored energy to alleviate peaks and therefore pay less for energy.
  • UPS: If the electricity grid fails, you simply carry on.
  • Independent of the grid: You can use electricity without being dependent on the electricity supplier.
  • Network stabilisation: You can use the Hybrid to cope with fluctuations in the electricity grid.

Situation daytime / sunny

hybrid daytime sun

On sunny (or windy) days the Hybrid automatically supplies the house with electricity and charges the batteries at the same time. If the solar panels or wind turbines generate more power than is necessary for use and charging, the excess energy is automatically supplied to the electricity grid. If there is less sun, electricity will first be supplied for immediate use, with the remaining energy then being used to charge the batteries. If the solar panels do not generate sufficient energy, electricity will be taken from the network during cheap off-peak hours for use during the more expensive peak hours.

Situation night / cloudy

hybrid night cloudy

At night, when no solar energy is generated, power is supplied from the batteries. If the Hybrid detects that not enough electricity can be supplied for the entire night, it will simply engage the electricity grid. In fact, even if there is sufficient energy for the whole night, but the Hybrid knows that it cannot cope with the peak in the morning, it will charge the batteries with cheap night-time electricity. This is what is known as intelligent energy management.

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